Cheap Phone Sex with Debbie

Cheap Phone Sex

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We provide live and cheap phone sex at a price you can really afford. When you call my number, there are no hidden fees and your privacy is assured. To talk with me, you must be 21 or older and promise to behave like a gentleman, up until the moment our phone sex extravaganza starts. At that time, all is fair game as per your fantasies. My number is 1-800-841-9842

Look, I’m not trying to lead you on and tell you my services are the cheapest! They’re not. We offer affordable phone sex, yes, but there is a line I never cross:

Lie to you! Or compromise the quality of what I do by lowering my prices to the extent that I have to cut corners all over the place and leave you, my caller frustrated.

Affordable phone sex, as offered by our professional at has that inexpensive sweet spot which takes into account your needs as well as mine to provide you with the best combination possible: a call to be remembered for all the good reasons.

To that end I have always provided my callers with honest and accurate billing, which is a novelty really in the world of phone sex. As such, when you call me for Cheap Phone Sex, you know exactly what you’re in for: THE BEST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE by phone.

How much should you expect to pay for phone sex?

I charge $1.99 per minute. Period. No connection fees, no hidden charges. I don’t do quickies. I man I could, I can get you off in less than 5 minutes but then again what about me? Like I say: “I don’t come every time a caller calls my number, but I enjoy myself with each and every call.”

Having said that, if you truly want to be done as fast as possible, then 10 minutes is the minimum. 10 x $1.99 equals $19.99, the price for a hamburger for two.

Is this live phone sex?

Indeed it is. I don’t do recorded stories, which by the way is what you usually get with some of those “cheap phone sex” offers out there

What I do is strictly live 1-on-1 phone sex. I am not running a voice mailbox system, populated by recorded prompts designed for something quite different than low-cost phone sex. Not that there is anything wrong with a regular chatline or dateline by the way, but that is not what I do here.

Discreet billing for your phone sex call

I value your privacy. That is why I bill your credit card discreetly so that a person, other than you will not know that a charge on your cc statement was indeed one for phone sex.

What can you talk about when you call me for phone sex?

That’s the beauty about phone sex. When it comes to topic of conversations, the sky is the limit. In other words, anything goes really, as long as I, or any of my girls is comfortable with your particular fantasy. We all have personal likes and with each one of us, there are topics that we not too fond about. For that reason, if you have a particular fantasy you want to explore, please tell me before the calls starts so that I may connect you with an operator who’s boundaries will not be crossed by it.

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